25 april, 2020


The focus is on making the main shopping streets and associated squares more attractive. In a short time,

the street view will look a lot greener, cozier and more attractive through a few temporary interventions.

For this, an appeal will be made to street art artists and a renowned international flower artist.

In addition, the municipality is strongly committed to unique individual experiences and experiences.

Who comes to enjoy this summer in Knokke-Heist can expect absolute top quality thanks to a large number of extra efforts.

Looking for culture
For culture lovers there will be an open-air exhibition of World Press Photo, there are three new 'Sculptures in the City' and an original art project will attract attention at the Wandelaar in Duinbergen. The Cartoon Festival comes with a bicycle route past 40 cartoon spots and 4 locations in the municipality where you can discover the most hilarious cartoons from home and abroad. In addition to the Cartoon Route, quests, cycling and walking routes are being developed for various target groups.
Family-friendly experience in Heist

For the municipality of Heist, the focus will be on family-friendly experiences. A child-friendly concept will be developed around the theme of safari and dinosaurs, so that the Heist trade center will get an extra experience this summer.
Communication campaign highlights solid assets
Knokke-Heist hopes that everyone can quickly enjoy the good experience in the coastal municipality again. People will initially come back for the peace, the beach, nature and all other exceptional assets such as art, shopping and gastronomy. The seaside resort wants to emphasize this through an extensive communication campaign. In addition, the municipality will contribute to a campaign by the hotel sector to promote Knokke-Heist as a destination.
Health above all else

The municipality is fully aware that it will not be summer as before. With this ambitious plan, they want to do everything they can to get out of this crisis well prepared.

If the measures allow, they can once again pamper their residents, second-stayers, visitors and traders.

Finally, the city council wishes to emphasize once again that it is now especially important that everyone strictly adheres to the measures

and takes good care of themselves and each other! In the marketing plan, every effort will be made to protect everyone's health

as much as possible and all safety measures will be strictly followed.


The marketing plan is obviously intended to give the local economy a boost in the short term.

The city council has already allocated 1.5 million euros for this and emphasizes that this marketing plan

is the first part of a larger recovery plan for which approximately 20 million will be released in the longer term.

Lippenslaan transformed into a boulevard
In order to make shopping in the Golden Trade Triangle of the borough of Knokke even more pleasant,

one-way traffic will be implemented this summer in the Lippenslaan between the Dumortierlaan and the Van Bunnenplein,

in the Kongostraat and in the stretch of Kustlaan between Lippenslaan and Van Bunnenlaan.

On the traffic-free west side of the Lippenslaan, wooden decks will be laid on the parking strips, which will significantly improve walking comfort on the widened sidewalk. Moreover, it is easier to take into account social distancing. The western lane of the Lippenslaan is reserved for cyclists and for the emergency services in case of urgent interventions.

In the central reservation there will be a colorful flower carpet. A range of eye-catching flags will draw attention.

Plant borders are alternated with benches, stylized vases with colorful flowers and cozy uniform terraces.

At the Alfred Verweeplein, the entrance building for the underground car park will be completely packed into a futuristic complex by a local artists' collective.

The same artists also create on the Burgemeester Frans Desmidtplein for a remarkable koi pond. Anyone who comes closer will notice that it is a fine example of optical illusion.


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