Dolce Grillardeurs Trophy 2020 " Back to the roots "

06 april, 2020

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What is it?

Dolce's Grillardeurs Trophy is a unique barbecue and outdoor cooking competition for chefs. Unique because we work according to the Black Box principle: one box with the ingredients, one competition day, a top location, 4 dishes, a jury with star chefs with the support of the "Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs".

Organized by Dolce World, with the direct support of Davy De Sutter (BBQAcademy), this special networking event combines a cooking competition with a food in style touch.
The competition is built around the Black Box BBQ principle: a box with secret ingredients with which 4 culinary barbecue dishes must be created.
We only work with wood and charcoal barbecue and grill appliances. Every barbecue team consists of at least 3 team members and the team captain is always a chef.
This trophy is 'one of a kind', partly due to the unique competition elements, the location and the culinary and gastronomic output.

Where ?
The location for the Dolce's Grillardeurs Trophy was specially selected for its location, culinary and gastronomic appearance: La Petite Merveille Glamping Durbuy in collaboration with the Tourist Office of Durbuy and Le Sanglier Des Ardennes - Adventure Valley.
Spend the night at the Glamping of Adventure Valley in the Bali group tent. On request, other options are possible, such as individual Shaka tents and / or accommodation at Le Sanglier Des Ardennes and / or ......
Lunch and dinner are provided by Peter De Groote 
Extensive dining or fraternizing is possible in Le Sanglier des Ardennes and in Durbuy with its many gastronomic spots.

Who is coming?
Chefs, professional barbecue teams, catering staff, gastronomes, foodies or those who love outdoor cooking, barbecuing, grilling, fire ...
The Godfather  of Dolce's Grillardeurs Trophy is worn by chef Wout Bru (le Sanglier des Ardennes). Chef Wout Bru is no stranger, enfant terrible of the Belgian Gastronomy, founder of the famous pop-up, welcome guest at numerous parties, but above all a creative top chef who is brimming with energy.
Mastercook of Belgium and Maître Rôtisseur Peter De Groote  provides the culinary setting.

Dolce Grillardeurs Trophy


A team consists of multiple persons, at least 3, of which the captain is active in the hospitality sector.

The competition is built around the Black Box BBQ principle: a box with secret ingredients where 4 culinary barbecue dishes have to be created. (starter, main course, main course, dessert)

Four plates need to be made of each dish (three for the jury and one for the demo table)

The teams provide their own means of presentation (plates, …)

The main ingredients of fish, meat, vegetables-fruit have to be used. The teams are free to use the other ingredients.

The contents of the Black Box are presented at 6 pm on Sunday evening, and should the teams so wish, they can start cooking from then onwards.


*The organisation provides

All the main ingredients and accessories.

Space per team =+- 4m by 8m

Electricity connection per stand (220V with earthing, max 1500 watt)

Central water tap

Rubbish bins and rubbish collection points and containers per type of rubbish

Parking for the teams  (2 car(s) + trailer per team)

Central cooling trailer

Bali group tent (6-8 persons) for accommodation Sunday night and Monday night. These tents have beds and linen. Towels need to be brought along.

Sanitary facilities with warm and cold running water

Designated space(s) for open fires

Consumption coins which can be used to obtain drinks. Extra consumptions need to be paid for. Sunday night dinner, Monday morning breakfast, Monday lunch, Monday reception

Free to use 1 appliance Large Bastard Komado with 10kg charcoal and accessories which can be purchased afterwards at a reduced price, if so wished. You can purchase at 875 euro (vat incl) instead of 1249 euro (vat included). If interested please sent a message to 

*The BBQ Team provides

Own party tent for the BBQ competition

BBQ and kitchen equipment (including work tables etc) and presentation material for the dishes for the judges and demo table  (4 in total x 4 dishes = 16 presentation materials of choice)

Lighting, extension cords, power strip

Fire extinguisher 6 kg (powder) !compulsory! + fire blanket

Fireproof bucket

Wood and/or charcoal

*You are ALLOWED to work with

Wood or charcoal barbecue

Open fire in the designated area(s)

Own wood blend for smoking, grilling

Portable fridge

*You are NOT ALLOWED to

Bring your own herbs, including salt and pepper!

Have a disco bar at de stand

Have your own alcoholic beverages at the stand

Use an oven, deep fat fryer, or other heating equipment fuelled by gas or electricity

*the BBQ teams pay attention to


(Personal) hygiene



The internal rules of the Glamping accommodation you are staying at


*What will the days look like?


Sunday 5 April

Arrival in the afternoonstarting 2pm guided tour and settling in

6pm Presentation of the contents of the Black box

8pm start free flow dinner


Evening: possibility to start cooking or stay or visit Durbuy or have dinner with the group ( offered by the organisation)

Monday 6 April: competition day

7:07 am                    “Whisky Shot”

7:30 am                      breakfast at the Glamping

1:30 -3.45 pm                 submitting culinary barbecue dishes by max 2 members of the BBQ teams

        1.30                     starter

        2.15                     main course

        3.00                     main course

        3.45                     dessert

6 – 7.30 pm                     Award ceremony with reception

End of the competition day: possibility to dine locally or visit charming Durbuy with its many dining possibilities.

Teams may leave or can stay for another night until   

Do you wish to be there as a visitor?

-There is a train on Monday April 6 from 11.00-20.00 from LPM Adventure Valley to the Glamping .... 

-for accommodation or if you wish to participate on Monday 6 April at the BBQ lunch "les amis de Dolce Grillardeurs" at 35 euros / pp contact or call 086 / 21.28.15 or for accommodation durbuy and restaurants go to the website


Tuesday 7 April : check-out time 11 am


Wout Bru

Rene Mathieu * 

Ghislaine Arabian **

Archibal de Prins

Isabelle Cornette 

Jean - Baptiste Thomaes **

*The jury is made up solely of star chefs who will judge the dishes as is done at The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

The system will be based on choosing 10 dishes which will compete for the points and among these dishes, the points 1 to 6 will be allocated. In short, as is done at Restaurants".


*In the event of questions/ remarks / discussions it is the organisation Dolce Grillardeurs who has the casting vote

Atmosphere and experience;

Convivial, quality event  with lot 's of exceptional experiences

How do I participate?
We ask you to make your interest known to Jan De Kimpe (see details below)
+32 (0)474.54.04.66
After registration you will receive the complete contest rules.
Participation fee?
Participation fee per group (maximum 6 people) is 895 euro (VAT inclusive) and includes all as stated in the principles

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