Pheasant supreme and fried langoustines, scorzonera, chicory, crustacean emulsion, confit of legs cooked at low temperature, potato and buttermilk espuma


Cut off the raw pheasant legs. Debone. Make a mousseline filling of the meat of the legs and any meat that was damaged too much by pellets.

Mix 250 g meat with 2 egg whites. Sieve. Add 1 dl cream and keep the filling in a bowl on ice. Season with salt and pepper and put in the fridge.

Colour the pheasant breast on the carcass and put in the oven for 3 minutes at 225 °C. Remove the delicate breast meat of the carcass and make an incision and insert the mousseline filling. Use a piping bag to do this.

Wrap each pheasant fillet in aluminium foil and put them in the steamer with 100 % steam at 75 °C for 12 minutes. Put in the fridge. Right before serving vacuum boil the meat for 15 minutes at 63 °C. Open the bag and briefly put the fillet on the teppanyaki. Cut the meat in slices and arrange it on a warm plate.


Scorzonera (3 per person)

Clean the scorzonera and cut in 3 cm rolls. Blanch, season and finish in butter.

1.     Serve them 'au naturel'.

2.     Sprinkle with sugar S0 and caramelise with the blow torch.

3.     Roll it in smoked salt.


Chicory puree/crème

Finely slice 5 chicory heads and boil in 3 dl cream. Blend, season and put to the side.


Chicory leaves

Cut nice leaves from the white and red chicory. Add oil and season.


Barbecued celeriac mash  

Clean the celeriac, slice in big slices and grill on the barbecue. Afterwards boil them in milk, make a puree, sieve and add cream. Put in a squeezy bottle.


Crustacean gel and jelly

450 g crustacean consommé // 50 g soya sauce // 3.2 g agar agar // 1.8 g gellan // 1 soaked gelatine leaf


Boil everything briefly, pour into a dish and leave to cool. Cut out round shapes of 2 – 3 cm using a cutter. Put to the side. Mix the shells with a pinch of salt so that a gel is formed, keep the gel in a squeezy bottle.


Crustacean mayonnaise

Whisk together 3 egg whites with ½dl light stock, 1 tsp xanthan, 3 cl sushi vinegar, 3 cl Chardonnay vinegar, ½ l oil of crustaceans (oils infused with the carcasses of crustaceans), salt and pepper.


Fried langoustines

Remove the shell of the langoustines (not the tails) and fry them in olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.


Emulsion sauce

Fry the langoustine heads and deglaze with crustacean bisque. Leave to reduce, add cream and reduce again. Sieve and season with salt and pepper. Right before serving, add buttermilk (as desired) and blend with the stick blender.

Dress the plate and pour over the sauce. Garnish with some watercress. Serve the rest of the emulsion in a gravy boat.


Potato and buttermilk espuma

Mix 700 g mash made from Bintje potatoes with 20 g light stock, 150 g buttermilk, 100 g cream, salt and pepper, nutmeg. Keep in an espuma bottle with two cartridges au bain-marie. Make a confit of the drumsticks which you cut into a brunoise and cook at a low temperature with a little bit of dark stock from the pheasant. Put in small cups and cover with the potato espuma. Garnish with a few sprigs of watercress.

Recipes: Patrick De Gendt

Picture: Michael De Lausnay


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