Fresh mango, lemon verbena soup, orange/ coconut crispy

Orange/coconut crispy

200 g caster sugar S2 // 3 g yellow pectin // 150 g orange juice // 100 g butter // 40 g glucose // 100 g grated coconut // 75 g flour

Bring the orange juice to the boil, together with the pectin which you mixed with the sugar, the glucose and the butter. Take off the stove and add the coconut and the flour. Spread the mixture over a baking sheet and bake until golden.


Yoghurt/lime ice cream

500 g full fat yoghurt // 60 g caster sugar S2 // 2 g stabiliser // 65 g glucose // 30 g Trimoline

Mix all the ingredients and heat lightly so it all blends well. Add the lime zest and put to the side in a Pacojet beaker.


Mango espuma

750 g fresh mangos // 250 g orange juice // 100 g caster sugar S2 // 4 gelatine leaves

Mix the mango with the orange juice and the sugar, heat it. Add the gelatine and pour into an espuma bottle
(2 cartridges).


Lemon verbena and apricot soup

500 g mineral water // 100 g caster sugar S2 + 2 g pectin // 100 g apricot puree // 5 g lemon verbena // 25 g lemon juice

Heat the water, add the pectin mixed with sugar, the apricot puree and the lemon juice. Infuse the lemon verbena in the mixture for 5 minutes, sieve and put in the fridge.


Recipe: Christophe Thomaes
Photo: Michaël Delausnay
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