‘tastefully different’ Asparagus, Paul De Soete

Ingredients & preparation (4 persons)


8 white asparagus // 4 green asparagus // 25 g smoked trout // 1 slice of bread for toasting // 8 eggs // 250 g salted butter // juice of 1 lemon // 5 cockles // leaves for garnish (oyster leaf, pea shoots, apple blossom, violet) // 1 onion // 2 celery sticks // dash of white wine


Peel the white asparagus. Remove the tougher ends of the asparagus. Briefly boil the asparagus and refresh. Grill the white and green asparagus (decorative). Then place 4 egg yolks in a vacuum bag and place in the Roner at 70 °C for 20 minutes.

Cut circles from toast bread and fry in butter and olive oil until golden. Boil the cockles with celery, onion and a dash of white wine. Prepare a hollandaise sauce and as last chop the smoked trout in 2 thin slices. 

Chef: Paul De Soete

Photographer : Bart Tanghe

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