Crispy sweetbreads with asparagus and chlorophyll by Chef Alain Gilain *

Ingredients (4 persons)

- 600 g blanched and cleaned sweetbreads    

- 400 g broccoli

- 4 green Pertuis asparagus

- 4 boiled white Mechelen asparagus

- 2 eggs

- 3 g agar agar

- olive oil

- farm butter

- pepper and salt


Cut the sweetbreads in sliced and season with salt and pepper.

Make a gum of the broccoli and the agar agar. Spread the mixture out on a plate and refrigerate. Cut into cubes of the same size.

Boil the white asparagus in salted water. Leave to cool and chop them in three parts.

Use the mandolin to slice the green asparagus into slivers.

Fry the sweetbreads.

Make a champagne mousseline sauce.

Dress the plate

Arrange the broccoli cubes, the slivers of green asparagus and the white asparagus pieces on a plate and finish with a dash of olive oil.

Place the fried sweetbreads on top and garnish with the mousseline.


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