Chocolate-coconut cream

Ingredients and preparation (20 desserts)


Coconut cream

250 g coconut // 5 g gelatine // 100 g meringue // 300 g cream


Heat the coconut, first add the gelatine, then the meringue and finally the cream.


Coconut jelly

300 g coconut // 40 g water // 3 g agar agar


Heat the coconut and the water, add the gelatine, bring to the boil, stir until everything is smooth and blend.



50 g egg // 235 g flour // 40 g S0 sugar // 2 g salt // 180 g butter


Mix all the ingredients and store in the fridge.

Divide in rectangular portions (finger) and bake in the oven at 180°C for about 8 minutes.


Coconut sorbet

500 g coconut // 600 g water // 20 g trimoline // 5 g prosorbet // 300 g sugar


Mix all the ingredients, heat them and put them in the ice cream maker.


Chocolate cream

200 g cream // 100 g milk // 50 g glucose // 5 g gelatine // 180 g pure chocolate


Melt the chocolate.

Heat the milk and the glucose, pour over the chocolate and the gelatine.

Add the cold cream and stir until you obtain a smooth mass, keep in the fridge.


Dress the plate

Place the coconut cream in the middle of the plate and arrange the chocolate cream and coconut jelly on either side. Stick a shortbread finger against the coconut cream and finish with a sorbet quenelle.

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