Dessert served in hay

Muscovado tuile

30 g butter
100 g muscovado sugar
50 g egg white
30 g fl our
Mix together the melted sugar and muscovado.
Mix the fl our and egg white and then blend the two mixtures together.
Spread onto a silicon tray and bake at 160 °C until golden.

Chocolate/aniseed granité

750 g water
80 g castor sugar
150 g dark chocolate
100 g lemon juice
100 g pastis
Boil the water and sugar and then pour onto the chocolate. Then add
the pastis and lemon juice when the mixture reaches 35 °C. Rest in the
freezer for 4 hours and stir before serving.


100 g castor sugar
100 g butter
100 g ground almonds
100 g fl our

Mix all the ingredients and be careful to work in the creamed butter.
Bake in a 1 cm layer at 160 °C for around 30 minutes then leave to cool
and crumble.

Hay ice-cream

40 cl milk
25 cl cream
5 egg yolks
140 g castor sugar
Infuse the hay in the milk and cream. Make a crème anglaise, leave to
stand for 12 h and mix.

Hay siphon

550 g milk
70 g castor
4 g agar-agar
Infuse the hay in the milk, add the sugar and agar agar, bring to the
boil, sieve and pour into a 500 ml siphon. Leave to rest in the fridge for
6 hours then heat the siphon to 40 °C in a bain-marie before serving.
Dress the dessert with all the components and decorate with Marcolini

Recipe: Eric en Tristan Martin (Lemonnier)
Photo: France Gavroy


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