Taste the best of what Kortrijk has to offer at culinary level!

30 august, 2016

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October the second edition of the Tastiest Weekend of Kortrijk  (Lekkerste Weekend van Kortrijk) will be organised at the Grote Markt. During this two-day gastronomy event a veritable culinary village will be constructed. There will be food  stands where you can taste free culinary delights and lots of activities for children. Kortrijk has a lot to offer at culinary level as you will find out during the Kortrijk Creative City Tour and from a new list of tasty addresses…

Kortrijk’s Tastiest Weekend

On Saturday at 2pm the children who registered will be able to show off their culinary  skills during the Kortrijkse Kinderen Koken competition. They will be making their own variation of a typical Kortrijk dessert at the various cooking islands. The winner will be  announced straight after the competition and all the children will go home with a lovely goodie bag. Afterwards, the event will conclude with a performance of Jeuk.

There will  also be a Kitchen Battle this year which will take place on Sunday from 2 to 4pm. During this clash, 6 towns, together with their mayor and assisted by their very own starred- chef, will battle it out for the best dish. Kortrijk, De Panne, Waregem, Roeselare, Izegem and Deerlijk will take up the gauntlet together with their star chef. The icing on the cake:  the jury will be headed by the famous Boxy brothers. High fun factor guaranteed! Prior to the Kitchen Battle a VIP reception will take place at the Grote Markt (paid event) with  the star chefs. 



Kortrijk Creative City Tour 

The Kortrijk Creative City Tour will be organised during the Biënnale Interieur taking  place from 14 to 23 October 2016 and will take you along to quality restaurants, authentic bistros and hip bars, classy shops and surprising architectural gems. All this  within walking distance and in the heart of vibrant Kortrijk. The mix of architecture, design, fashion, history and culinary craft gives you the chance to see and taste Kortrijk  from its best side. The addresses which stand out on the Kortrijk Creative City Tour Interieur 2016 are each and every one different and unique and also present teasers  from ‘W/O - We are the next generation’.

Tasty addresses in Kortrijk

Those who fancy a fun bistro, cosy café or top restaurant in Kortrijk don’t have to search  for long. A jury of foodies hunted down and made a great selection of must-visit addresses. So using  http://www.toerismekortrijk.be/nieuws/aanraders-bistro-en- restaurant  will assure you end up in the right setting which guarantees a great  price:quality ratio. In other words: delectable addresses where hospitality and good food and drinks reign.

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